Something Wicked This Fall Comes Readathon

Okay, I need to try to do something to get back into active blogging, so maybe trying a readathon will help. Heard about this one at The Writerly Reader and it sounds like fun. I have a list of 24 stories that I will try to read, and as usual I’m going to randomize my reading order a la the Deal Me In challenge.

Here’s a link to the host page for Something Wicked This Fall Comes:

I have four books of story collections that will be my sources:

  1. The Mirrors – a horror collection from local author Nicole Cushing. I’ve read this collection before, and always wanted to blog about it but never did, so it’s time to refresh my memory and get to work on a blog post.
  2. From Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Collected Works – he wrote a lot of scary stories, all but one of these will be first-time reads for me.
  3. Stories from “Shadow Show” a Ray Bradbury tribute collection. Can’t go wrong with Bradbury or those that admire him.
  4. From “Mistresses of the Macabre” an athology from “way back” in my Kindle library that I read a story from once for Deal Me In, but hadn’t gotten back to. Now I will. At least six of them.

My complete list is below. What are you reading for the season? Do Tell.

Kickoff Readathon for “Something Wicked This Fall Comes”
Stories from Nicole Cushing’s collection, “The Mirrors” (Paperback) ♦J♦ The Company Town Nicole Cushing
♦A♦ The Choir of Beasts Nicole Cushing
♦K♦ The Fourteenth Nicole Cushing
♦Q♦ The Last Kid I Scared by Lugosi Nicole Cushing
♦10♦ I Am Moonflower Nicole Cushing
♦9♦ The Orchard of Hanging Trees Nicole Cushing
Classics from Nathaniel Hawthorne (Nook) ♠J♠ The Prophetic Pictures Nathaniel Hawthorne
♠A♠ The Hollow of the Three Hills Nathaniel Hawthorne
♠K♠ The Vision of the Fountain Nathaniel Hawthorne
♠Q♠ Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment Nathaniel Hawthorne
♠10♠ Rappaccini’s Daughter Nathaniel Hawthorne
♠9♠ Roger Malvin’s Burial Nathaniel Hawthorne
Picks from Shadow Show – Ray Bradbury Tribute (Kindle) ♥J♥ Cat on a Bad Couch Lee Martin
♥A♥ By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain Joe Hill
♥K♥ Little America Dan Chaon
♥Q♥ The Phone Call John McNally
♥10♥ Young Pilgrims Joe Meno
♥9♥ Children of the Bedtime Machine Robert McCammon
Stories from Mistresses of the Macabre (Kindle) ♣J♣ Moths Magnolia Louise Erdelac
♣A♣ Playdate Dawn Napier
♣K♣ The Sadistic Chessboard Nadia Boulberhane
♣Q♣ Black Bird Nikki Hopeman
♣10♣ Weaving Tangled Webs Diane Arrelle
♣9♣ Bloodsport Alanna Belak