WordPress Appearance settings for iPad users

This is for my fellow bloggers who use wordpress. A while back, they added a default appearance for word press blogs being viewed on an iPad. I (an ipad user) discovered this by accident when I opened my blog page one day and it kept redirecting to the url with /cover at the end, and at first made me wonder is someone had hacked my blog.

To make a long story short, I don’t like the default iPad appearance AT ALL. And I liked even less that they changed this unilaterally – AND I think only the blog owner can change the default, not the person browsing on an iPad. Several of the blogs I read regularly are word press blogs and many of them default to this “cute-sy” annoying iPad “app-like” theme. When I’m browsing, I want to browse in my browser, not have pages converting to an appearance I immediately have to change to “normal view” each time.

Does anyone else out there find this distracting, or is it just me? I don’t know enough other iPad users who are also frequently in the blogosphere, so I don’t have a feel if it’s a matter of taste or not. I, for one, prefer the normal browser view and encourage others to turn the default off. You can do this in the dashboard under Appearance-iPad.