Guy Mannering

I have decided to try to read the second of Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverley Novels”. This book is one of the free ones available on my iPhone “Free Books” app. (well, the books are free, but the app is $1.99).

I am really finding the ‘ornate’ language of Scott’s books interesting. I’m also enjoying ‘knowing’ that I may likely be the “only person in the world” who is currently reading this book. I did a little research on the internet, and it’s always listed among his books, but there isn’t much ‘information’ out there.

“Forgotten” books like this kind of remind me of being on an “old road” or walking down an old lane that – though once a main thoroughfare – is rarely used anymore. One gets an odd feeling when walking or traveling along such byways (I’m remembering some around where my Granddad lived in West Virginia) that I find pretty cool…

Okay, so it’s “Waverley”

I just realized I’ve been misspelling this in prior posts. The good news, though, is that I finally did finish Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverley” Sunday morning. That is my fifth book completed this year. (Waverley, however, was the one ‘straggler’ that I actually started in 2009). It was tough going – about 2 minutes per page reading – mainly because of the language and numerous notes to the text.

I’m glad I stuck to it, though, and consider Scott a fine writer (as countless fans apparently did in the 19th century). I would like to read more of his works. I found a chronology of his published works on Wikipedia and would like to continue on (they all appear to be among my “freebooks” options on my iPhone app), but I must try to read them without other books distracting me – as I allowed to happen with Waverley.