Just Finished: Under the Dome by Stephen King

This is the first book that I have read completely using my new nook e-reader from Barnes & Noble.  It was 1,100 pages long (real pages, not e-pages) and took me almost two weeks to finish.  Of course, I was also reading Gone With the Wind ‘at the same time,’ and I consider it no small accomplishment (for me, anyway) to have finished both of those long books in a combined total of about 20 days.  I do now look forward to reading something a bit shorter, however.

I’d have to say Under the Dome was among my least favorite of the Stephen King books that I have read.  This just triggered the internal question: How many (and which) Stephen King books have I read?  Okay, the ones I remember are: Read the rest of this entry »

Now reading: Under the Dome by Stephen King

Actually, I started reading this book last Saturday.  When showing my new “nook” reader to a friend, I thought “well, let’s just buy & download a book right now as my first book to read via this ‘delivery method’…”  So, I bought this book which I had heard about and had been intrigued by the premise – a small town in Maine (there’s a surprise for a Stephen King book!) is suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible, indestructible (at least through page 450) dome.  The people trapped within the dome try to deal with the situation, which includes many very, very bad and evil people who see the dome’s presence as an excuse to grab power.  The book moves pretty fast, but thus far – although I’m enjoying reading it – I’ve been less impressed with it than I have been with the dozen or so other King books I’ve read over the years.  I’ll relay a more detailed report upon completing it – hopefully before the end of the week.