Literary Blog Hop!

The Literary Blog Hop is Hosted by The Blue Bookcase.

Welcome Literary Blog Hoppers! My blog is an eclectic one, but I often read and comment on classic works and authors, and am happy to discover other bloggers who do the same.  Thanks to The Blue Bookcase for hosting the “LBH”  🙂

Today’s question involves Contemporary books that are Literary Classics…What makes a contemporary novel a classic? 
Discuss a book which you think fits the category of ‘modern classics’ and explain why.

(Note: For the purposes of discussion, I considered “contemporary” to mean an author who is still living and writing.)

Hmm… that’s a tough one, as it involves predicting the future.  Very few of the ‘contemporary’ books I’ve read in the past few years even made it to my ‘candidate’ list.   A few that did might be The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini, Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, and maybe The Book Thief by Markus Zuszak.  The last is usually sold in the “young adult” sections of bookstores, but it is certainly a book that countless adults have read and enjoyed as well, and I can see it being “One of Those Books I Read in School” many years from now.  Cold Mountain wasn’t my cup of tea, but the writing was beautiful (Heck, it won the National Book Award, didn’t it?  It must have some merit).  The Kite Runner was a good story and excellently written as well.  I see all three of these books being part of the libraries of the “culturally literate” many years from now.  What do you think?