THE END(er’s Game movie release) IS NEAR!


How often have you been aware of a famous book for years but only got around to reading it when you heard the movie version was coming out and you wanted to read it before you saw it? I’m often guilty of this and my most recent case in point is the classic sci-fi novel, Ender’s Game, written in 1985 by Orson Scott Card. The early trailers for the movie looked spectacular and I thought, “I’d better read that.” I did, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The film also includes Harrison Ford in its cast, which I find to be … perfectly acceptable. 🙂


Most have heard the basic premise of the story, but to quickly sum it up: Earth has survived previous alien attacks and is anticipating another. Somehow, their best plan is to train children from a very young age to be the future warriors in this impending conflict. Especially very gifted children, and Ender Wiggin certainly fits that description. Ender is also a rare “third” – a child born after a family has already had the maximum number of children allowed by law. His older brother and sister are also gifted, but have not passed muster as potential officers in the anticipated war. They turn their attention to equally fascinating terrestrial political ambitions, however.

Ender himself, along with other gifted children, undergoes rigorous and often brutal training administered by a hero of the former wars with the insect-like aliens. Spending countless hours in a battle simulator, Ender amasses an impressive record, defeating all scenarios thrown his way, while at the same time managing the leadership of the rest of his child “army.” Finally, with a real attack eminent, Ender faces one final, seemingly impossible test of his readiness to command. Is he ready? Will he succeed? Read or watch and find out.

Have you read the novel? Do you plan to see the movie (coming out in North America on 11/1)?

Wanna see a trailer?