R.I.P. X Challenge

Each year for the past 10 years, in the months of September and October, bloggers all over the world have participated in “R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril” challenge, reading – and blogging about – works of a darker nature. This year, the challenge is hosted by The Estella Society http://www.estellasociety.com/?p=1484

There are several participation levels and, as you might guess, one option from the challenge I’m choosing is “Peril of the Short Story.” I plan to read thirteen selected stories during this period. I also plan to complete the “Peril the Third” option, wherein participants just need to read one qualifying book. I have in mind Stephen Kings “The Dark Half,” which I’ve owned for quite awhile and just haven’t gotten to.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman!” er, I mean “R.I.P. meets Deal Me In!” (Almost as epic 🙂 ) R.I.P. Banner created by Abigail at http://www.abigaillarson.com

I’m a few days late, but I’ve finally gotten my R.I.P. act together and come up with a short story reading list for this year. As usual, I’m randomizing my reading order by assigning the stories to cards then drawing one card at a time to determine what I’ll read next.

♠A♠ “The Very Strange House Next Door” by Shirley Jackson (from the “Just an Ordinary Day” collection” – read; 4 stars

♠2♠ “The Thousand-and-second Tale of Scheherezade” by Edgar Allan Poe (from “The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe”)   – Read; 3.5 stars.

♠3♠ “Do You Want That in Blonde, Brunette, or Auburn” by Glenn Lewis Gillette (from the Dark Futures anthology) – Read; 3 stars

♠4♠ “Legend of the Engulphed Convent” by Washington Irving – read; 3.5 stars

♠5♠ “The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs” from Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Philip Pullman’s New English Version edition) – read 3 stars

♠6♠ “Mr. Dark’s Carnival” by Glenn Hirshberg (from The Two Sams story collection)

♠7♠ “The Open Window” by Saki (from link at Paula Cappa’s blog) – read; 5 stars

♠8♠ “The Grave of the Famous Poet” by Margaret Atwood (from “Dancing Girls and Other Stories) – read; 4.5 stars

♠9♠ “The Spring Heel” by Steven Pirie (from the Haunted Legends anthology) read; 3.5 stars

♠10♠ “You Are the Blood” by Grady Cole (from the “Tall Tales of the Weird West” anthology) read; 3 stars

♠J♠ “Act of Contrition” by Craig Clevenger (from The New Black anthology) read; 3.5 stars

♠Q♠ “Darling Adolf” by Ray Bradbury (from Bradbury Stories)

♠K♠ “The Hell Screen” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (from “The Weird” anthology) read; 3 stars

Well, what do you think of my choices this year? Do you see any familiar stories among my thirteen? Are you participating in R.I.P. this year? Last year, I read these for R.I.P.: https://bibliophilica.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/the-r-i-p-challenge/