Time for a Little Shakespeare: The Tempest read-along!

Hi all,

Allie – over at A Literary Odyssey – is hosting another read-along, this time for Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Click this link to see the details.  Hope you will join us!


A Gulliver’s Travels Read Along

OK, this will be the first time I have tried anything like this since I joined The Blogging Community, but I think it might be fun.  Allie, over at “A Literary Odyssey”  is hosting a read along of this classic work by Jonathan Swift.  It is a novel in four parts, and she will be posting in June on each part as indicated by the schedule she has listed.

One of the conditions of my participation is that I will share the link to her site here (which I’ve done above) and either write my own posts for any or all of the sections, or comment on her posts.  Simple enough, right?  Why not join in?  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Any of you with me?

You can read for free on Google Books and I’m betting it’s also available elsewhere on line since it is in the public domain.