I bought another book…

Stopped by Barnes & Noble at lunch and finally picked up Rex Stout’s “Some Buried Caesar” (which the clerk told me was a phrase from Omar Khayyam’s “Rubiat” – now that’s an obscure bit of trivia).

Read another chunk of the Enron book last night; think I will try to plow through the rest of that and then move on to finish the 2nd half of Waverly, rather than try to read them concurrently (too hard to switch back and forth).

Progress Update

Read some over the weekend (when not watching the NFL playoffs); also read another chapter of the Enron book at the coffee shop this morning.  I’m past the halfway point in that (235/424 pages) now, as well as in the Waverly book.  Hope to finish them both by the end of the week.

Three day weekend coming up & would like to delve into Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 

Still no purchase of the Rex Stout book, but maybe on my lunch hour one day this week.

Would like to review a synopsis of Tess of the d’Urbervilles to see if I think I could join the discussion at Bookmama’s later this month.  Wonder where my ‘marked up’ copy is at home???  (All I remember now – from reading it about 15-17 years ago – is that it ends at Stonehenge and that Tess works as a Milk-Maid? – I may be confusing this with another Thomas Hardy novel…)

All for now; work awaits and lunch hour is ending