New book purchase

This weekend was the annual book sale to benefit the historic Benton House in the historic neighborhood of Irvington on the east side of Indianapolis. This is a neighborhood that I once lived in for about five years, and which I still visit occasionally – haunting Lazy Daze (a coffeehouse) or Bookmama’s Bookstore or playing chess at the Irvington branch of the Marion County Public Library.

I only bought one book this year, H.G. Wells’ The Outline of History. They did have a few collectors books for sale as well, one of which (an 1895 memoir by the wife of Stonewall Jackson!)

I eyed covetously but for which the price ($500!) was a bit out of my target range. Maybe more than a bit, actually. So, I settled for my $1 copy of the Wells book (the 1930 edition, it looks like) which I will read someday. Maybe.

I actually skimmed the first few chapters tonight, and it starts with a brief history of the Earth itself, which I found charming for some reason. H.G. Wells has long been a favorite and this book is a worthy addition to my library.

below: a “boring-looking copy” of The Outline of History, but it looks pretty similar to the edition I have.

Below the historic Benton House in Irvington (Indianapolis)