Help Wanted – Project: Author Biographies

I’ve decided on my “main” reading project for 2012. I intend to read 12 biographies of favorite/famous writers during the year. I think I should be able to keep up with a one per month pace, shouldn’t I?

Here’s where I could use some help, though: I have a couple “in the pipeline” – one of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and another of Kerouac (Memory Babe). I also saw on line one about the Bronte sisters that looked good. (the book looked good, not the sisters – I don’t know what they looked like 🙂 ). But I don’t know yet which books will fill the other slots.

So if any of my loyal (or even new) readers want to make a few suggestions, I’m wiling to be guided on at least a few of the twelve…