New thoughts on e-reading & e-readers…

There is an interesting article on today about e-readers in general and the Kindle specifically.  (Funny, the nook ® reader from Barnes and Noble – which I hitched my wagon to back in February – is not mentioned by name at all.)

I have to admit it’s pretty tempting just to buy one of the new, “cheap” (at $139) Kindles to add to my arsenal of readers, which currently includes my Nook ®, my iPhone, and my iPad – the latter two of which have apps that will also reader B&N and AMazon content.

I have also been dabbling in reading via the iBooks app on my (relatively) new iPad the past couple weeks.  I have to say it’s a pretty easy reading experience.  I don’t feel like ‘reading with a flashlight shining in my eye’ as Amazon’s boss (and iPad detractor) says, but I also haven’t read for long sittings on my iPad.  You can adjust the brightness of the screen for reading at bedtime, and you can also ‘freeze’ the iPad’s automatic rotation of the screen if its accelerometer senses the device is tilted beyond a certain threshhold.  The ease of note-making and highlighting and bookmarking on the iPad is quite appealing too.  A couple things I don’t like are (1) it is significantly heavier than the nook ®, and (2) the ‘cheesy’ highlight appearance to make it look like a real highlighter has been swiped on the page – it shows a ‘rough’ edge – to make it look more like real highlighting I guess.

I still like my nook ® and have read thousands of pages on it since I bought it in February.  It’s light, and small enough I can slide it into some pockets – depending on what I’m wearing.  It’s my favorite reading method if I’m slouching down into an easy chair in my favorite coffeehouse.

I’ve heard that the Sony e-Reader allows you to check out electronic copies of books from the library.  I haven’t looked into this possibility too much with mine yet, or researched if it’s available in other readers as well.  Does ‘anybody out there’ have any expertise on this issue?

I welcome any comments on your experiences with e-reading and e-readers.