So, “Jeopardy!” invited me to a contestant audition…

Back in February, I participated in an on-line tryout for the television quiz show, “Jeopardy!” and thought that I did pretty well. It was a fifty-question test, and there was very limited time to answer each question before the next one popped up. I figured that I did just about as well as the other time I went through the audition process. That was back in 2004. I made it “all the way” that time and was in their contestant pool while Ken Jennings was winning his 75 shows in a row (and hurting my chances by not allowing the show to turn over a new champion every few days). They never called me, although I did see a few people from the group I tested with on the show. At that time, they told us, “you’ll be in our files for about 16 months; if we don’t call you within that time, you’ll have to try out again.”

So, I’ve been “bitter” all these years (ha ha) yet spent the time “constructively” by sitting in multiple bars that run the Buzztime Trivia network, taking on all comers – usually with success. In that time I’ve neglected or ignored opportunities for the online tryouts – at least until this year. Sony Television is very secretive about their testing process too, not telling you how many of the fifty questions you need to get right to be eligible, only saying that more people pass the test than they have room for at their auditions and basically,”don’t call us, we’ll call you.” In other words, by passing the online test, you’re still in a “lottery” to possibly get an audition, just one that has a hat with fewer names in it. So, I figured I would never hear from them…

BUT, a couple weeks ago I got an email inviting me to an in-person audition in Lexington, Kentucky next month. So, I will be sacrificing a vacation day to drive the three-ish hours to see if I can get into an even smaller hat with even fewer names in it. I’m excited and nervous both. I’d love to get on the show and win some “big money,” but the shows I’ve been watching lately have been a little discouraging. Well, except for last Thursday, which I would have absolutely crushed, lol. All the reading I’ve done over the years has really helped my “trivia skills” as has having a very wide range of interests. The fifty question test I took on line, had roughly 20% literary-related questions. I’ll paste the list below (warning: including answers) the fold, If you’re curious. Wish me luck!

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Gulliver’s Travels makes an Appearance on Jeopardy!

I was watching Jeopardy! last night, and there was a “Brit Lit” category in the double jeopardy round. The first ‘answer’ to be selected: “He visited the floating Island of Laputa on one of his many ‘travels’…”

OK, that was a bit of a softball and the first contestant to buzz in got it correct. I wonder though if it might have just been an educated guess due to the phrasing of the ‘answer’ (inclusion of ‘travels’) or the fact that Laputa sounds quite similar to Lilliputian, but either way it was good to see Mr. Swift find his way onto this popular program.