I learned of another Indianapolis area “book club” yesterday.

I attended a weekly “coffee & conversation” meeting of CFI – Indiana (CFI = “Center for Inquiry” – this is a group that promotes Science, Skepticism and Critical Thinking with an office that is located on the canal walk downtown) just to “see what they did down there.”  During one conversation someone mentioned, “Well, last month at my great books group meeting…”  Later, during a lull, I asked what his ‘great books group’ was.  He said it was a group that met monthly at the Nora Library (except during the summer months) which, each year, picked a volume published by “Great Books” out of Chicago, reading a section each month.  You can look these guys up at greatbooks.org, but the volumes they publish generally have excerpts rather than entire works of ‘great’ literature, poetry, essays, etc.  The volumes also include questions for discussion, and some biographical information on the authors.  It sounds like it’s a lot more “serious” group than mine (or most I’ve heard of), but I’d have to say I really like the fact that they’re only reading “high quality stuff” – or at least stuff that is widely held to be “culturally significant.”  (that sounds so snobby…)  He said if I was interested in future meetings he would add me to their email list.  I said, “Of course!” (and he has).  Also, once a year, at their first meeting after the summer hiatus, they do discuss an ‘entire’ book or novel.  He said they may be discussing Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in September.  My original book club read that waaaay back in the 90s.

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