“Hnuy illa nyha maiah Yahoo”** (Gulliver’s Travels – Part 4)

**take care of thyself, gentle Yahoo

Finally, the concluding part of this epic work!  Once again, Gulliver is off to sea – this time leaving his wife (“big with child”).  How considerate of him.  Just like always, however, Gulliver does not have good luck in his ship, crew, and voyage.  (he has the seafaring luck of a Mario Andretti at Indianapolis).  This time, his crew mutinies and maroons him, making off with his ship.  Later in Part 4, Swift explains – through the mouth of Gulliver – what kind of people comprised his crew:  “they were fellows of desperate fortunes, forced to fly from the places of their birth, on account of their poverty or their crimes. Some were undone by lawsuits, others spent all they had in drinking, whoring, and gaming; others fled for treason, many for murder, theft, poisoning, robbery, perjury, forgery, coining false money; for committing rapes or sodomy, for flying from their colours or deserting to the enemy; and most of them had broken prison; none of these durst return to their native countries for fear of being hanged, or of starving in a jail; and therefore were under a necessity of seeking a livelihood in other places.” I get the feeling that this was not an altogether uncommon demographic for merchant sailing ships of the era..

In the country of the Houyhnhnms (I don’t believe Swift gave it any other name than that).  Gulliver learns finally how ‘pathetic’ the human race (known there as “Yahoos”) is compared to a truly an advanced race – in this case, a race of intelligent horses.

Gulliver stays longer here than on any of his other stops, and truly grows to love it there, but is eventually sent away since the race of Houyhnhnms find his presence disturbing (since he resembles the vile Yahoos of that land).

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