Why not become a “Friend of the IMPCL?”

Today’s editorial page of the Indianapolis Star contains a few paragraphs urging us to become supporters of the IMPCL (Indianapolis Marion County Public Library). With economic conditions being what they are, it is no surprise that public libraries are also feeling the pinch of budget-tightening measures. Some changes have already been made, predominantly in the reduction of operate hours for libraries in the IMPCL system.

I personally have often benefited from one of the Friends’ programs. They organize a bi-monthly “Secondhand Prose” book sale at the Library Services Center, where the public can buy used, donated, or “withdrawn” books from the library at very reasonable cost. (I always leave with a ‘bag of books’). “Friends of the Library” get the benefit of first crack at the inventory at preview sales the night before the sale officially begins.

For my local readers (on any readers, actually!),more information on this worthwhile cause can be found here

(below: the central branch of the IMPCL)