Banned Books Week – a Fahrenheit 451 “Creature Feature” Quiz!

At the monthly meeting of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library’s book club last week, Bill Briscoe, the KVML’s official historian and the book club’s unofficial poet laureate, shared with us a quiz…

Bill writes: “After reading Fahrenheit 451, I have concluded that Ray Bradbury loved to use “creatures” to “illustrate” his text. This quiz is simply a fill-in-the-blank exercise. The right column contains quotations from his novel. Just pick one of the “creatures” from the left column that are “featured” in the book. The quotations are in the order that they appear in the book in case you wish to search for any of the answers. Even though many of the “creatures” show up multiple times, each “creature” is used only once in the quotes.”

This was such a unique – and fun! – diversion I thought I’d share it here. Are you a Fahrenheit 451 scholar? How many can you get right? I’ve read it three times, but was lucky to get over fifty percent – and wouldn’t even have done that well except for some that can be inferred through context. Just click on the picture to expand and go to work. Good luck! (I’ll list the answers below the fold)



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