Deal Me In – Week 43 Wrap Up


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Happy Hallowe’en to everybody! Below are links to new posts since the last update:

Katherine read “[Answer]” by F. Paul Wilson

Randall read Ray Bradbury’s “The Smile“.

Dale read Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Merry Men

I read my first Salman Rushdie “Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella Consummate their Relationship” this is another Deal Me In “twin” as Dale also posted about this story just last week.

Our year of fifty-two stories is winding down. Has anyone else begun building a roster for next year? I came up with one of my four “suits” over the weekend – I’m doing a “stories published in The New Yorker magazine” suit (gotta put that digital subscription with access to the short story archive to good use, right?). I have ideas for my other suits, but I’ll keep them secret for now. 🙂 What are your short story reading plans for 2015?