Trip to Bookmama’s

Stopped by Bookmama’s bookstore on the way home from work today. It’s a cozy little bookstore in Irvington – across the street from Lazy Daze Coffee House (one of Indy’s best) on Johnson Avenue.

Anyway, had looked them up on-line earlier to see if they had a copy of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (they did), and now book 1 of PCW is in my hands. I have to finish “Waverly” and my January book club book before starting it though, and I plan to make some big strides in that direction this weekend.

I looked for a copy of Rex Stout’s “Some Buried Caesar” but – although they had a couple Stout books, it was not among them. They did say they were supposed to get some in soon, though.

Bookmama’s also hosts meetings of a “Jane Austen Book Club” (didn’t they make a movie with that title?) regarding which I’m told they finished reading all of Jane’s books long ago and moved on to read the Brontes and are now on Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the d’Ubervilles” (did I spell that right?). I believe their meeting for this is Wednesday, 1/27/10. I should try to make that, even though it is the day before my book club’s monthly meeting.

They also have a discussion on 1/19 of the Rex Stout book. (those are going on all over town since that is Indy’s “One City, One Book” selection)

Enough blogging! Time to knock out a few more chapters of Waverly… which reminds me- I did look for Sir Walter Scott books at Bookmama’s too, but the only one they had was a quaint, diminutive paperback copy of Ivanhoe which – as I told the lady working there – “everyone has a copy” of…