“Hey, wanna see something really scary?”

(Yep, there’s Dan Aykroyd again, this time from the intro to Twilight Zone: The Movie from back in 1983, before – AND AFTER – he asks the question of the driver of the vehicle…)



It’s October, and Hey, I “want to READ something really scary” this month. MY book club is cooperating with its (sort of) annual Ghost Story Month, but I WANT MORE! Friday night, I read about a book titled, A Monster Calls, which sounded great so I downloaded immediately. It was short – only about 125 pages – and was a very good book, but it wasn’t scary enough. My own personal short story reading project for 2011 (Project “Deal Me In!”), which I’m woefully behind on has conspired a little to help me through October. Maybe. I’ve assigned my 52 stories (one per week) to the fifty-two cards in a standard deck (see the “Deal Me In selections” on the “pages” section on the left margin of this blog for the list), and the Spades suit represented largely ghost or horror stories. As luck would have it, I’ve only drawn a few of them so far this year, so there are lots remaining to be picked. Maybe a few will come up in October as I’m trying to catch up…

I’m asking for recommendations from my readers and fellow bloggers. What are some of your favorite scary stories or novels? I will put any suggestions on my TBR list…