Storm Over the Land

Just finished reading chapter 15 (Lincoln Speaks at Gettysburg) of this book and was blown away. The Gettysburg Address was only 10 sentences and about 5 minutes long, but he sure ‘nailed it.’ I’d heard before -and re-read tonight – that Lincoln was not the ‘featured speaker’ that day; instead, it was a man named Edward Everett, who orated for roughly two hours. No one remembers him or what he said…

I think perhaps I should commit the G.A. to memory as ‘extra credit’ work in my PCW…

Got another new book

Actually this one was a belated Xmas present from my brother – who is aware of my P:CW.  It’s called “Company Aytch” by Sam Watkins.  I did see it on a couple “top 50/top 10/top 100 books on the Civil War” lists on the internet, so it is apparently well-liked.  Not sure what month I’ll read it in for 2010’s “project” – maybe March…

Following is the blurb about the book on

Company Aytch is one of my favorite Civil War books, ever.”–Ken Burns

Among the plethora of books about the Civil War Company Aytch stands out for its uniquely personal view of the events as related by a most engaging writer–a man with Twain-like talents who served as a foot soldier for four long years in the Confederate army. Originally published in 1881 as a series of articles in the Columbia, Tennessee, Herald, Sam Watkins’s account has long been recognized by historians as one of the most lively and witty accounts of the war. Parallels between this text and The Red Badge of Courage suggest that Stephen Crane was also among Private Watkins’s readers.

Closing in on finishing book 3 of 2010

Got to page 420/494 of Uncle Tom’s Cabin this morning, but now it’s time to get ready to head downtown for the COLTS game. Not sure if I’ll finish the book tonight or not. I have been very impressed with Stowe thus far, and have often been distracted when reminding myself just how many people read this book in its heyday, and wondering what they must have thought of it. I’ll write more once I’ve finished.

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