2010 Reading “Stats”

This is all very “unofficial” but I looked at all the books that I will have finished by the end of the month (53 in total – see my “My Book Lists” page) to determine how I came to read them.  Here are the results:

My main book club – 11 books. (we actually met 12 times, but July is our “Short Story Month” which I didn’t count here

My personal reading project (Project: Civil War books): – 11 books.  I wanted to get 12, but looks like I’ll have to count one that I read in December of 2009 to make that “goal”

Personally chosen: – 8 books (these are books that don’t fit into the other categories that I read on my own volition)

Books discovered through other blogs:  8 books (or 12 books if I count other books in a series, e.g. The Hunger Games, or The Millenium Trilogy of Stieg Larsson)  This number includes 2 “read-along” books.

My “new” book club (Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library BC): – 5 books. Haven’t been to that many meetings, but I’ve read the books whether I’ve been able to make it (hey, they meet at 1130am on a Thursday – I have to work sometimes, you know…) or not.

Personally recommended by others: – 4 books  (looking back, these were some of my favorite books (of the year, too.  Perhaps I should give this “category” more attention…)

My off & on book club at Bookmama’s Bookstore – 3 books (one of these books also fit into my Civil War reading project)

Books I read about in the books section of the newspaper – 2 books 

What about you?  How did you come to read the books you read in 2010?