“Golden Anniversary” for my book club

No, not our 50-year anniversary (now THAT would be something…) but our 50th meeting.  We’ve met faithfully once a month since the fall of 2006, and late last year we had our 50th meeting. I can’t really say “Our 50th Book” because we’ve had a few “Short Story Months”/”Ghost Story Months” thrown in along the way, but we’re closing in on our 50th actual book as well.  Our hostess for the 50th meeting collected her copies of all the books we’ve read and put them on her mantle. (picture below) They barely fit! You may also notice the binders she’s made of our short story/ghost story readings (she’s so good).

This is my second ‘serious’ book club for which I’ve had a hand in the founding and administration, the first one lasting maybe 2 years and maybe 20 books.  I think it’s hard for book clubs to stay together for a long time; members’ priorities change (we “lost” two members when they became parents), interest flags, other obligations usurp reading time, and so on.  We’re fortunate to have five of our original members still with us and some good “new blood” in the form of four new members who have joined us in the past 16 months.  Our book club’s web site is now on wordpress too if you’d like to see what we’ve read so far.

I’d be interested to hear from readers about their own book club experiences.  Size of clubs, frequency of meetings, how long they’ve been going on, what types of books you read and how you select them.  Let me know!


My Book Club’s new website

I created a new blog for my book club this week.  It’s at https://theindyreadingcoalition.wordpress.com/ if you’d like to take a look and see what we’re up to…

Book Club forum at Barnes & Noble

A funny thing happened to me on the way to inquire about my nook® at Barnes and Noble last night…

I wanted to show them a problem with a book I downloaded (Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox – my book club’s May selection), where the nook copy has many chapters that are in ALL CAPS.  Can you believe that? How frustrating to be reading along and run into that.   They tried downloading the same book to their demo model and noted the same problem.  One guy says, “I’ll go get the book of the shelf here and see if it’s like that too.” (!!)  I told him “I’ll bet you a shiny nickel it isn’t…”   (It wasn’t; this was the same guy who kept ‘pushing’ on my touch screen to select options instead of just touching/tapping.  It’s a touch screen, buddy! I wanted to yell…).  They are going to look into the problem, and call me back.  They mentioned something about downloads being ‘non-refundable’ which, if they stick to that and don’t offer me a store credit or something, there will be “a problem.” 🙂  I mentioned that I “kind of need a resolution soon as I need a readable copy for my book club meeting next week.” 

At that point, one of them says, “Oh, are you here for the book club forum?”  I said, “The what what?”  Apparently, totally by random, I was in the store about 35 minutes before some meeting on how to form, run, pick books, and hold meetings for a book club.  I said that I guess I’d better stay to represent my book club and maybe learn something.  Anyway, they had free tea and cookies(!) for this meeting and there were about 16 or 17 of us who showed up.  The age range was probably from around 35 to 75.  I was one of only two men in the group.  (This is about the same ratio I see among people who blog about books and reading).

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