It’s My Blogiversary!

Bibliophilopolis is seven years old now! I’ve published 805 posts, and am closing in on 275k page views, having settled down to averaging around 4,000 visits a month and 45-50 thousand a year these past few years.

I’d like to thank all those who have visited or left a comment or “liked”a post (probably like many bloggers, I sometimes wonder if “anyone is reading this” so all communication is welcome!) I wasn’t sure my blogging would last seven DAYS when I first started, but here we are in 2017 and Bibliophilopolis is still plodding along. I’ve also especially enjoyed the emergence of the small but loyal Deal Me In community, and am looking forward to seeing how our new participants fare this year.

As a Blogiversary “Special Offer” (okay, I’m not offering to do anything but read something) I will allow the commenters (if any) on this post the opportunity to pick one of the books I read in 2017 books. Presuming there might be more than one, I reserve the right to pick which recommendation I go with, but may also read more than one if you convince me they’re worth the time. I will also pledge to write a full review post about whichever book “wins” giving full credit – or blame! 🙂 – to its recommender.

So, recommend away. I’ll probably make my decision after a week or so.

Happy reading to all in 2017!