Re-booting a Neglected Project

Since we’re nearing the end of the third quarter of 2011, I found myself beginning to daydream about what my unofficial reading project for 2012 might be. Then, however, I inevitably started thinking about how badly I’ve neglected my 2011 reading project, “Deal Me In,” where my goal was to read 52 short stories (one per week) in 2011. Checking my records, I found that – after roughly 38 weeks, I’d only notched 19 completed stories from my list so far. Disgraceful, yes. Surprising? Sadly, no, if you’re familiar with my inveterate slacking…

In this project, I had assigned a story to each card in a standard deck of playing cards (leaving the “deuces wild” to allow me a few unplanned reads) and then determined which story would I would read next by drawing a random card. Each suit had a common theme: favorites, ghost stories, recommendations, etc. So, yesterday I rebooted the project and since then, in an effort to catch up, I have read six more stories. I enjoyed most of them so much it has made me wonder how I managed to have neglected the project in the first place.

I also began to think that I should renew this project for next year and indefinitely going forward. I mean, how hard should it be to commit to reading one measly short story per week? You’re right. Not hard AT ALL. :-). So, expect a few posts in the next week or so that relate to the stories in my catch up phase. Funny, perhaps the reason I’ve gotten started again is that I emerged from last week’s flurry of “required” reading of novels and sat there unable to decide what book to read next. It was my indecision which led me back to my short story project. Stay tuned. 🙂

How are your 2011 reading projects coming along? Surely I cannot be alone in my slacking…

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