Deal Me In – Weeks 39-41 Wrap Up


Sorry it’s been awhile since the last update. A combination of “Mission Fatigue” and having a lot going on right now had squeezed my blogging time out of the schedule for awhile. Anyway, below are links to the many new posts since the last update.

Dale’s (Mirror With Clouds) posts: Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”

John Cheever’s “The Country Husband”
Amy Hempel’s “Today Will be a Quiet Day”

Dale also featured a series of Kurt Vonnegut short stories from “Bagombo Snuff Box” in ’celebration’ of Banned Books Week. His last post has a link to his favorites.

Katherine’s (The Writerley Reader) posts: “Goodbye to All That” by Harlan Ellison

Laurie King’s “Weaving the Dark”

Lunar Extra: “The Little Maid at the Door” by Mary Wilkins Freeman
“Dream Street” by Mike Lupica

o’s (Behold the Stars) posts:

“Women of Trachis” by Sophocles

“Othello” by William Shakespeare

“The Girl Who Loves Me” by Emile Zola

I (Bibliophilopolis – duh! 🙂 ) read “Dollhouse” by Craig Wallwork and a couple others that I haven’t posted about yet. 🙂

That’s all until next time. Happy reading!

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