Deal Me In 2015 – Week 22 Wrap Up

Hello all! Below are links to new Deal Me In posts that I’ve found since our last update. Take a look at the links below to see what your DMI comrades have been reading.

“O” at Behold the Stars read the Robert Burns poem “To a Mouse, on Turning up Her Nest With the Plough”

Cleo at The Classical Carousel read the C.S. Lewis essay “A Panegyric to Dorothy L. Sayers”

Dale at Mirror With Clouds posted about “Greenleaf” by one of the masters the short story, Flannery O’Connor

Katherine at The Writerly Reader wrote about the story “In the Tank” by Andrew Bergman

Randall at Time Enough at Last drew the queen of spades and read Paul Horgan’s story “Black Snowflakes

Deal Me In “Extra!”:

I have a few Google Alerts set up to lead me to new items of interest on the Internet. Naturally, one of them looks for short story-related URLs. A lot of the hits there are of no interest to me, but every now and then a valuable nugget emerges from this short story sluice box (I know, that’s sort of a mixed metaphor(? is that usage even correct?) since sluice boxes aren’t used to discover nuggets).

Anyway, it happened Sunday when a link to a very short – and scary – story by Neil Gaiman plopped out. Check out the link below for his story “Click Clack the Rattlebag” which I thought I’d share- especially since it can be read in under five minutes. It gave me a couple goosebumps this morning as I was reading. (Of course this might be because it’s FREEZING here at my Panera this morning)

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