Deal Me In 2015 – Week 24 Wrap Up

How about a Tolstoy quotation to start us off?

All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.”Leo Tolstoy

Kind of Andro-centric, but the basic idea seems fairly accurate, right? How many of our stories this week could be said to fit into those two buckets? Mine would only if it was considered very broadly… Anyway, below are links to new posts since our last update. Please take a moment to check out the posts of your fellow DMI participants.

Just this morning, I posted about the Andrea Smith story “Fallen Idols

“o” at Behold the Stars read the Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem, “The Talking Oak”

Jennifer at Military History shares two stories this week: May Sinclair’s “Red Tape” and Katey Schultz’s “Home on Leave”

Dale at Mirror With Clouds read the American Classic tale “Rip Van Winkle” by Washinton Irving

Katherine at The Writerly Reader posted about the Kelly Link story, “Catskin

Randall at Time Enough at Last goes back to 1986 for James Lee Burke’s “The Convict”


Did you happen to catch Deal Me In author (not his biggest claim to fame, of course. 🙂 ) George Saunders on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday? It’s a very nice piece about seven minutes long and worth your time. (You may have to endure a 30-second commercial at the start)

Read about the 2015 Nelson Algren award here:

Finally, for those who love lists: How many of these 23 have you read? (13 for me 🙂 )

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