Deal Me In 2015 – Week 15 Wrap Up

Below are links to new posts I found during the past week. I encourage you to visit any that strike your interest or fancy. 🙂

“o” at Behold the Stars read Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”

Murder’s back on the menu for Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery, as she posts about Nedra Tyre’s “Recipe for a Happy Marriage”

Cleo at Classical Carousel read Wendell Berry’s essay “Christianity and the Survival of Creation” she also posts about G.K. Chesterton’s “The Worst Crime in the World”

Jason at Literature Frenzy read “Let Me Promise You” by Morley Callaghan

Dale at Mirror With Clouds shares his thoughts on Herman Melville’s “A Paradise of Bachelors and a Tartarus of Maids”

Elsie at The Book Drum posted about William Wordsworth’s poem “Most Sweet it Is With Unuplifted Eyes” and also some brief comments on other poems she’s read for the challenge at

Katherine at The Writerly Reader read “Electrification” by Mikhail Zoshchenko Is this our first “twin” in Deal Me In 2015? Candiss also posted about this story back in January.

It’s party time at Time Enough at Last as Randall posts about Shirley Jackson’s “Birthday Party” I’ll make a wish that you check out his post at

Jay at Bibliophilopolis (hey, that’s me!) read Daphne Du Maurier’s story “Don’t Look Now

See you next week!

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