Deal Me In 2015 – Week 9 Wrap Up


Yeah, I’m a little slow again this round.  I was hoping to finish my own post in time to include in this update, but alas – you’ll have to wait a little longer for that. 🙂

From the department of good news: we have a new participant joining us.   Jason at Literature Frenzy! has picked up the Deal Me In 2015 gauntlet.  His roster of stories may be found at  If you can, please take a moment to check out his list and welcome him to the group!

New posts by the rest of us since the last update:

Randall at Time Enough at Last read Joyce Carol Oates’ story “Upon the Sweeping Flood”

Katherine at The Writerly Reader writes about “The Tears of Squonk” by Glen David Gold

John-Paul at The Reader Regards Himself read Michael Pallon’s “Power Steer”

Dale at Mirror With Clouds read Ernest Hemingway’s “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen”

Cleo at Classical Carousel shares with us “The Ides of April” by Mary Ray

Tracy at a Bitter Tea and Mystery read “Marie: Blue Cadillac” by Michael Malone

“o” at Behold the Stars read Samuel Johnson’s “The New Realistic Novel”

Becky at Becky’s Book Reviews summarizes her February DMI reading, which included “The Grey Woman” by Elizabeth Gaskell, “At Five O’Clock in the Morning” by L.M. Montgomery, “Mr. Cosway and the Landlady” by Wilkie Collins, and “A Day at Niagara” by Mark Twain.

I read Paula Cappa’s story “Beyond Castle Frankenstein” and hope to finish up my post later tonight…

See you next week!

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