Deal Me In 2015 – Week 5 Wrap Up


Below are links to new Deal Me In posts that I saw since the last update. As always, if I’ve missed you, feel free to link to your post in the comments, and I’ll try not to miss you again. Happy reading!

“o” at Behold the Stars read Emile Zola’s “Death by Advertising”

Dale read Dorothy Parker’s “Here We Are”

John-Paul at The Reader Regards Himself read George Orwell’s essay “Why I Write”

Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery read “The Mouse in the Corner” by Ruth Rendell

Cleo at Classical Carousel read Anton Chekhov’s “The Princess”

Though not technically part of Deal Me In 2015, James re-posted a great short story-laden post from his old blog that you may enjoy:

Also not exactly a Deal me In 2015 post, Teresa writes about short story ace George Saunders’ collection “Tenth of December”

Christine at The Moonlight Reader posted a summary of her January Deal me In reading Dana Cameron’s “Swing Shift”, Holly Black’s “Rag and Bones”; Pateicia Briggs’ “Star of David”, and “Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells” by Delia Sherman

Katherine at The Writerly Reader read the Nikolai Gogol classic “The Cloak”

Randall at Time Enough at Last posted about Grace Paley’s “Telling”

I read Alice Munro’s “Some Women” but haven’t cobbled together a post yet (It was great, though) so look for two posts from me in the coming week. Maybe. 🙂

That’ is for this week. We’ve made it through the first month of Deal Me In, but their are still hundreds of stories (& essays, poems, plays, fairy tales) waiting their turn in the draw to keep us entertained for the rest of the year!


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  1. Melissa said,

    February 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    I’ve been wanting to try Munro’s short stories. I have two of her collections sitting, neglected, on my bookshelves at home.


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