Deal Me In 2015 – Week 2 Wrap Up


Below are links to new Deal Me In challenge posts since the last update. Happy reading!

Candiss introduces us (well, me at least) to Mikhail Zoschenko via his short work, “Electrification

“o” at Behold the Stars posted about the Virginia Wolff essay “I am Christina Rossetti

Read about G.K. Chesterton’s “A Piece of Chalk” at Julianna’s Cedar Station

Cleo at Classical Carousel read the Robert Burns poem, “A Red, Red Rose”

Risa at Mangoes and Cherry Blossoms read Daniel Orozco’s story “Orientation”

Jen at Military History wrote about Katey Schultz’s “Getting Perspective.”

Dale at Mirror with a clouds wrote about Martha Wellhorn’s “Miami-New York”

Marian at Tanglewood read Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder

John Paul at The Writer Regards Himself read Clive Thompson’s “The Dream Factory

Katherine at The Writerly Reader read F.X. Tooles’s “Midnight Emissions

Randall at Time Enough at Last read Frieda Arkin’s “The Broomsrick on the Porch”

I read John David Anderson’s “El Estocada” just scroll down or click here for my post

Those are the new posts I noted since the last update. If I’ve missed you and you are posting about your stories, please help me out and let me know in the comments. It also helps if you link back to the sign up/intro post as I will see the pingback and know to include your post In the wrap up. Deal Me In may be outgrowing the “manual updates” format.

Please take time to check out some of your fellow participants posts. You might learn something (I sure did this week!). I also found it interesting that we had two stories this week whose titles included the words “Perspective” and “Orientation” and that two readers both drew the queen of hearts. That’s two weeks in a row where two participants have drawn the same card.

Also, please note that “Late-joining” the Deal Me In challenge is allowed and encouraged. Below are a few new joiners. One of the advantages of this challenge is that it doesn’t take long to catch up if you fall behind or start late, 🙂 See you next week!

Darcie at Reading Derby has also just joined the challenge her list is at

Elaine at Series-ously addicted has also signed on

Mannomoi (who actually designed our Deal Me In logo last year) at Dilettante Artiste has also come up with a list for 2015

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