Deal Me In – Week 1 Wrap Up


Here we go! Links to new posts I found so far this year are below. For Deal Me In newcomers, my weekly wrap-up post attempts to link to any new DMI postings since the last update. I usually post the wrap up Sunday night or Monday morning. This first one for 2015 is kind of a half week, and I acknowledge maybe not everyone has even started yet (I just wanted to maintain the Sunday/Monday routine). I also realize not everyone doing the challenge plans to post about all – or even any – of their stories. If you don’t write a dedicated post on your week’s story, feel free to leave an (optional) brief comment here telling everyone what you read and if you recommend it etc. Enough with the boring administrative stuff! Here are some links:

Dale read the Kurt Vonnegut classic, Harrison Bergeron

Jen read Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Juliana read William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Katherine read Joyce Carol Oates’ “The Man Who Fought Roland LaStarza

Katherine is also doing the “Full Moon” add-on to Deal Me In and this cycle she read “The Specialist’s Hat” by Kelly Link

Candiss read “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees” by E. Lily Yu

Randall posted about Sherman Alexie’s story “What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona”

I read an essay By Dan Wakefield “Corn, Limestone, Horseweed and Writers

“o” at Behold the Stars wrote about Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Day-Dream”

Jim at Science Fiction Times posted about Robert Silverberg’s “Gorgon Planet”

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Golden Fleece” was featured at Marian’s  Tanglewood blog

John Paul read Vivian Gornick’s “A Ride on a Subway”

Please take a moment to check out some or all of these great posts from the first week of Deal Me In 2015. I think we’re off to a great start!

I’m listing below all the sign-ups I could find that progressed as far as creating a list of stories (This link is to the post with the story roster, which I really had a blast perusing over the weekend). I may have missed a few, so please let me now in the comments if your blog should be on this list. I also understand not everyone participating will be posting about his or her stories, which is fine. I have also created a category in Bibliophilopolis’s links section where I linked to participants blogs’ home pages. Please also let me know if I missed you here.

2015 Participants list (alphabetical order):

Becky at Becky’s Book Reviews:

Candiss at Read the Gamut:

Christine at the Moonlight Reader:

Cleo at Classical Carousel:

Dale at Mirror With Clouds:

James at James Reads Books:

Jay (that’s me!) at Bibliophilopolis:

Jen at Military History:

Jim at Science Fiction Times:

John-Paul at The Reader Regards Himself:

Julianna at Cedar Station:

Julie at Books are Portable Magic:

Katherine at The Writerly Reader:

Kay at Dead Book Darling:

LuAnn at Back Porchervations:

Marian at Tanglewood:

“o” at Behold the Stars:

Randall at Time Enough at Last:

Risa at Mangoes and Cherry Blossoms:

Teresa at Shelf Love:

Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery:


  1. Randall said,

    January 5, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    WOW. You have a bumper crop of participants this year! Very exciting!


    • Jay said,

      January 5, 2015 at 8:58 pm

      It IS exciting. I’m a little overwhelmed, but looking forward to a great year of reading. 🙂


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