Deal Me In – Week 48 Wrap Up


Sorry for the delay in posting this wrap up, but below are links to new deal me in posts since last week:

Dale wrote about Robert Louis Stevenson’s story “Will O’ the Mill

James drew two cards and was rewarded with two well written stories: Grace Ogot’s “Tekayo” and Christa Wolf’s “Exchanging Glances”

Randall read Ellen Gilchrist’s “The President of the Louisiana Live Oak Society” Read his post at
You may also want to check out his advent calendar of stories to read for “the 24 days of Christmas” at – anyone else ambitious enough to follow suit??

Katherine read her ten of clubs entry, the story “Switch” by Lucy Taylor

Returning Reader drew the king of spades and read “Faeries of the Nile” by Mansoura Ez-Eldin:

Me? I used up a wild card on Nikolai Gogol’s “The Nose” – an intriguing farce. It’s at or you can also scroll down to my prior post. 🙂

Four stories to go. See you next week!


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