Deal Me In – Week 17 Wrap Up


A bit of a slow week for Deal Me In, but thanks to Candiss we still have five stories to share. Please take a moment to visit or comment on the Deal Me In participants’ blog posts, or just let “them know you were there” by liking their posts. If I missed anyone, feel free to add a link in the comments. Happy Reading!

Dale drew the seven of hearts and read Jack London’s “An Odyssey of the North”

Fresh out of the Dewey readathon, Candiss was in catch up mode and posted about three stories: Amy Hempel’s “In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried” then Stephen King’s “Harvey’s Dream” and also Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose.” What did she think of them? It’s here:

Katherine had a re-read of a story she liked in the past, Steven Millhauser’s “Eisenheim the Illusionist”

Me? Well, I did read my story, Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day” (twice in fact – it’s only four pages long), but I was gone all weekend wandering the woods of southern Indiana, so I’ll post about it later. 🙂 I was rewarded by spotting a Scarlet Tanager (below, and no, not my picture) in the treetops. Always a treat for a amateur bird watcher like me. 🙂

Update (4/29) I just now realized that, like the suits in a deck of playing cards, Scarlet Tanagers are … red and black! 🙂


That’s it for this week. I’ll post another wrap up next Sunday afternoon/evening.

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