Deal Me In – Week 10 Wrap Up


First, a tidbit about short stories from none other than Kurt Vonnegut, who likened them to “Buddhist catnaps.”

“…a short story, because of its physiological and psychological effects on a human being, is more closely related to Buddhist styles of meditation than it is to any other form of narrative entertainment.”


Below are links to stories posted about since the week 9 update. Please consider supporting your fellow travelers in DMI2014 by visiting or commenting at their blogs. 🙂

Katherine read a story with a playing card in the title – not the ten of spades she drew, but Karen Joy Fowler’s “The Queen of Hearts and Swords”

The above quotation (which i had already planned on sharing) turns out to be appropriate this week as the luck of the draw led Dale to read Kurt Vonnegut’s “Find Me a Dream”

Returning Reader’s two of clubs led her to Leile Aboulela’s story “Missing Out”

Hanne at Reading on Cloud 9 has two stories to share: “Gomez Palacio” by Roberto Belano
And Rebecca Curtis’ “Twenty Grand”

Over at Read the Gamut, Candiss found Deal Me In intersecting with another popular meme, The Classics Spin ( ), and the resulting illegitimate(?) spawn was the King of Diamonds, or rather the Raymond Carver story, “Cathedral.”

Here at Bibliophilopolis, my seven of clubs was a dystopian story, Ekaterina Sedia’s “Hydraulic”

That’s it for now. See you next Sunday and – in the meantime – happy reading!


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  1. Jay said,

    March 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    I’m sorry. Earlier this week, I went into my WordPress app to fix a link to one of the stories and accidentally reverted the post to the original “private” post from when I was first building it. Just noticed tonight that it was marked private again. Sorry again for the mix-up.


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