Deal Me In 2014: Week 5 Wrap-Up


Hi All,

First I’d like to update you that we’ve had a few “late joiners,” and I’ll first link to their story rosters:

Susan at Avid Series Reader:

Kubi at The Exchange:

Hanna at The Exchange:

Please take a moment to pop over to their lists and see what they’ll be sharing with us in 2014. Like I’ve mentioned before, one of the advantages of this challenge is that it’s easy to catch up if you’re “behind” – just read a few short stories and you’re right back on schedule!

Now for new posts this week.

Dale @ Mirror With Clouds read the story “Haircut” by Ring Lardner

Candiss @ Read the Gamut shares her thoughts on “Extra” by Yiyun Li

Hanne @ Reading on Cloud 9 drew the six of diamonds for Laurie Baker’s “Mother of Hope”

Returning Reader drew a couple diamonds since our last update: “Ships in High Transit” by Banyavanga Wainaina and “Dancing to the Jazz Goblin and his Rhythm” by Brian Chikwava

Katherine at THe WriterlyReader picked our third Steven Milhauser story to make its appearance in the DMI2014 community: “Behind the Blue Curtain”

As for me (Jay) I read Julie Otsuka’s “Diem Perdidi” a very sad story, but worth reading.

Please take a moment to visit some of your fellow participants’ posts and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Who knows you may discover a story or two you will also want to read. I always do…

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