The “Live Tweeting From a Book Club Meeting” Experiment

(This actually went pretty well, I think. It WAS quite a challenge trying to keep up with all the great discussion – and especially to convert the highlights to tweet-sized bursts of text. By my count, I sent out 45 tweets, including a few photos (the latter with help from my friend, Bob). The hash tags used were #vonnegut #bookclub #slaughterhousefive – if you search for these individually or in combination you can see the tweets. Or you can follow me (@bibliophilopoly) and also see the tweets I forgot to add the hash tags to… 🙂

I don’t know how many might have followed along, but we did actually get a handful of comments from the twitterverse, which the in-person group was happy to hear.

I’ll try this again in January, when the club will be discussing the Library’s first two issues of its Literary Journal, “So it Goes.” I should point out that an official, much more detailed (and literate!) record of the meetings is posted to the Book Club’s blog (also linked on the left in my blogroll).

February is my turn at the discussion leader helm again for the short story collection, Welcome to the Monkey House, so I’m sure I won’t be doing any live-tweeting then. Maybe someone else will pick up the baton?

(Below: My ham-handed tweeting efforts)



  1. December 20, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I always think it must be difficult for the live-tweeter. A couple of days ago, I bought Welcome to the Monkey House. I was just jonesing for some Vonnegut.


    • Jay said,

      December 26, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Welcome to the Monkey House has a LOT of great stories in it. It was one of my favorite reads in 2010.

      It was challenging to “live tweet” but fun at the same time. Maybe it can become a tradition and we’ll get more participation from all the Vonnegut fans in the twitterverse…


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