February Reading – The Month Ahead

January was a good reading & blogging month. I discovered a new book that will likely remain among my all time favorites (A Prayer for Owen Meany), I wrote a personal record number of blog posts, I met some new and interesting fellow readers, the number of visitors to Bibliophilopolis increased by roughly fifty percent for the third month in a row, I discovered the Classics Circuit and have thoroughly enjoyed following it. A great month! Now… how can I “top it” in February? I probably can’t…

First of all, what will I be reading/finishing this month? Well, I have two reading obligations, one for my book club – Alex Flinn’s “Beastly”, which I’ve already read, but may read again since it’s short and I’d like to have it fresher in my mind for our meeting at the end of the month. For the KVML book club, we’re reading The Sirens of Titan. I can’t wait for that, as I’ve had it in my hands for awhile now, but the club kept picking other Vonnegut books to read. Then, I have to wrap up my Xenophon reading and write MY classics circuit post for this Friday. I have a couple hours of reading to go on that one. What else? Oh, yeah, the Bobby Fischer book I mentioned the other day in a post will be gobbled up quickly, I’m sure – as a “former(?) nerd chess player” I could probably read that thing in one sitting almost. Then there’s my short story project. I’m already a post behind (Raymond Carver’s, “Are These Actual Miles?”) and am currently reading Tolstoy’s “Master and Man”

That seems like a lot, BUT with the NFL season being over, suddenly I will have these huge, three to six hour chunks of time that I’ll no longer be “wasting” with my eyes glued to a television, so opportunities abound…

Soooo… what are you reading this month? Anything “good?” 🙂



  1. Dale Barthauer said,

    February 1, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I’m reading Tolstoy’s Master and Man right now, also. I’ll be interested in what you think!


    • Jay said,

      February 3, 2011 at 6:57 am

      Hi Dale,
      I finished the Tolstoy story yesterday (kind of long for a short story, eh?) I’ll try to write a quick post this morning before I head over to the office.


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