Xenophon’s Anabasis

Great. Now I have “homework”

Somehow, while browsing around the blogosphere, I happened upon a site called “the classics reading circuit” where there is a monthly(?) topic, and participants pick related subjects and write a post about them over the course of a couple weeks. The classics tour is hosted by Rebecca at the following address:


And this month’s topic? The Greek Classics! Aha! Now there’s something I can sink my teeth into. I was a History major in college and a Classics minor (isn’t that the path all Accountants take?!), so here’s an opportunity not only to learn a little more about a favorite subject (I’ll be posting on February 4th about Xenophon’s Anabasis – a classic work that I have somehow escaped reading for “all these years”), but to also enjoy the thoughts of my fellow bloggers regarding works I have venerated for years.

Of course now, though, the pressure is on. I have a deadline , which is not something I’m used to. Fear not, though. I am sure once I join Xenophon on his journey deep into exotic Asia (well, Persia at least) I will get caught up in the story and find inspiration. Stay tuned…


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