I’m new to the book blogging community this year and am admittedly often in the dark or perplexed by some of the lingo. Slowly, I’ve come to understand what a “meme” is, what people are talking a out when they mention a “TBR pile” (PBRs are more my speed), and learned that MC is not a master of ceremonies, but a “main character.” In short, I’m learning. Slowly, but surely.

Then, a new cryptic word began popping up: “NaNoWriMo.” My initial best guess at what this means would be that it was something Robin Williams would have said to Pam Dawber on a sitcom in the 70’s. BUT, it actually stands for National Novel Writing Month. A month where (seemingly mostly amateurs) focus on writing their novel. Many of the bloggers I follow are participating.

So… I think I might try it. I’ve never written anything of great length before (50,000 words is the target) but I do happen to have a story in my head…

To learn more about NaNoWriMo, their website is http://www.nanowrimo.org

If I think things are going well and I am “getting into it” maybe I’ll share my profile on their site. We’ll see…


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