Nook readers to be sold at Wal-Mart

I heard on the news this morning that Wal-Mart will begin selling the Nook reader soon. This is the e-reader I own (although most of the e-reading I do is on my Nook app on my iPad), and it is fighting to gain market share alongside Amazon’s better known “Kindle” e-reader. I’m sure being available at Wal-Mart will boost sales, but will it be enough? B&N is fighting to survive the upcoming transition many readers are making to e-reading and – although they were late jumping into the market – have been aggressive in pushing the Nook. It’s still not very well known to the general public, though. For instance the morning news anchor of our NBC affiliate pronounced it “nuke”(!) a couple times in this morning’s story. I’m guessing he hasn’t read much more than what’s on his TelePrompTer lately, though…

I think it will be fascinating to watch how this plays out in the next few years…

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