Lending eBooks …. And yet another book club

I just remembered that I had “promised” to let my readers know about the success or failure I experienced in lending my copy of an eBook to a fellow Nook owner. The short version: it was a piece of cake. One only needs to set up the “lendee” on one’s nook as a ‘friend’ including the email address. Once this is done, when you have selected a book from your library, you press ‘other options’ and “lend” is right there. The other user receives an email alerting them that the book has been offered to them, and they accept or decline. There are still, as I mentioned earlier, the draconian regulations of only being able to lend a book once, and the person being lent the book only has it for fourteen days. I hope these are eased at some point, but I won’t hold my breath.

In another “development” locally, there is another meeting of the “Great Books” discussion group tomorrow night at a local library. This is the group I found out about when visiting the Center for Inquiry downtown. (a somewhat brainy group of skeptics, free thinkers, etc). This month’s book (actually a long-ish short story) is Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener, which I have already read a couple times, so I’m thinking about crashing this meeting. (I guess I cant technically “crash” it since they did put me on their email list at my request a while back). I almost feel, however, that I may be getting involved in too many things like this and as a result will not leave myself enough time to read books of my own choosing, and that is certainly something “I would prefer not to” do…

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