Nook “user group” meeting

(written 10/6/10, 5:45pm)
I’m sitting here at Barnes and Noble where there will allegedly be a kind of a Nook user group meeting. I’ve been told they have them the first and third Wednesday of each month. I want to learn more about sharing books since a coworker of mine now has a Nook too, and we have a few candidates in our libraries for which we’d like to test this process out.

I’m also a little curious about synchronizing my various readers I.e., I now have my actual Nook, the Nook app on my iPhone – which I barely use – and my Nook app on my iPad – which I use more than anything now. The big question for me is: if I highlighted passages and made notes on the iPad app (where it is soooo easy), do those get synchronized when I log in to B& so that if I later open the books on my actual nook, will I still get to see my highlights and notes(?)

I’m going to pause here and continue later since it’s almost the appointed time…

(written 10/8/10 7:15am)
Well, I did end up speaking with one of the in-store experts for awhile. I was the only one there at the scheduled start time (although another user did show up about 6:15 just as I was running out of the questions I had wanted to ask). The expert was also an iPad owner and, like me, did most of his nook reading via the Nook app for the iPhone, so that was convenient.

Re: Sharing (lending) e-books:
You can still only lend a book only one time. I asked if he saw that rule ever changing in the future and he was non-committal but offered “it’s possible” but there were no current plans to change that. Once offered to lend, the fellow Nook user you lend it to had seven days to “accept” it. Once they accept it, it transfers to their account for a period of two weeks. During this time it will not show up in the “my library” screen of the Nook/Nook app. I still haven’t tried this yet, but probably will in the next few weeks. I will report back my success or failure on this front. Note: not all the books one buys via the Nook are “lendable” either. E.g., maybe 30% or so of my e-library is.

Re synchronizing highlights & notes: the answers here were disappointing but not surprising. When I download a purchased book to my iPad, that is a separate copy and is not synchronized with the “master copy” of the book on my B&N account. Like many, I have a fear of losing data at some point – though not quite the paranoia of some others in this regard. But my iPad is backed up on my home computer, and maybe someday the b&n account will let you save the highlights there as well.

Re one other item that I haven’t mentioned before: To “turn the pages” while reading the Nook, one “clicks” or presses the side panel of the device. Well, after reading a few thousand pages on my Nook, these side panels began to develop thin cracks where this “pressing” takes place. (I should also mention that it is possible to turn pages by “swiping” the small touch screen from right to left, but it seems easier to me to just click the side of the device) Anyway, he said this was a “known problem” and that if I contact Nook support they will replace my device. This is good to know. And I should say that it still works fine, it’s just that its appearance is slightly marred by these little cracks on the side.

Any other Nook users out there that have experienced this problem?

Below: the Nook reader (no, those are not my hands in the picture 🙂 ) and the Nook app for iPad:

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