Progress Reports

The Passage

I’m over one-third of the way through Justin Cronin’s book, The Passage, now and well into the post-apocalyptic world he has created.  I must say it was a bit disorienting for me, the reader, when about 275 pages into the book, we suddenly leap forward 90 years and are bombarded with a whole new set of characters with no knowledge (yet) of what’s become of Amy, the key character from the first part of the book.  I supposed I should (and will) remain patient, as I’m sure all will be explained in due time.

I find I’m still enjoying the book though, and will report back when completed…

The House Divides by Paul Wellman

Yes, I’m still slogging my way through this history book about the years leading up to the Civil War.  I got a big chunk done last night, though.  I’m anxious to complete it and move on to my biography of Stonewall Jackson, though, as book 7 of Project: Civil War.

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