Finished Gulliver’s Travels Parts 3 & 4

I am finally done with this classic.  I encountered several ‘technical problems’ with completing this book.  I actually have many ‘copies’ of it, but starting with part 3, I began reading it via my Barnes & Noble eReader on my iPad.  This app allows for easy highlighting and note taking, both of which I like to do when reading ‘meaningful’ books.  Unfortunately, after completing part 3, this app has stopped working.  Now, when I launch the app on my iPad, it takes several moments before it finally recognizes my online library, but, when it does, gone are my little pie charts by each book showing how much I’ve completed reading as of my furthest progress.  If I select one of the books in my library, it pops up a screen with the option to ‘download’ (which is similar to what I have to do when accessing one of my B& purchased books for the first time), but if I select download, it “thinks” for a moment and does nothing.  Very annoying.

So, I think, I’ll just access it via my B&N reader on my iPhone.  This, however, works even less than the iPad version now, as it won’t even launch and instead momentarily locks up my iPhone.  Also very annoying.  I think I will stop by the local brick & mortar B&N store today and see if they’ve heard of similar problems.  (They haven’t been that helpful on other issues before, but maybe they have improved…)

To make matters worse, I had misplaced my actual hard copy of Gulliver’s Travels.   I guess relying on my eReaders (my nook® version, and the version on my FreeBooks app were still accessible, but my highlights and notes weren’t on them) had aided in my losing track of where my actual book was(!)  I located it last night – apparently it had fallen off my nightstand and ‘rolled’ a little bit under my bed.  I guess the end of the story is that now I may be finally ready to write a post on parts 3 & 4.  I will work on that today.  My colleagues in the Gulliver’s Travel read along probably have assumed I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth by this  point.

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  1. stentorpub said,

    July 5, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Talked to the people at B&N today (and some fellow iPhone/nook users who happened to be there) and “we” think the solution may be to load the new iPhone software (which I haven’t done yet after hearing horror stories about how long the upgrade takes). Why not upgrading the software on my iPhone would make my iPad’s app not work either is a mystery, though.


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