Recent Purchases

Last weekend, the Beech Grove Public Library had one of their recurring book sales.  I showed up when they opened Saturday (the final day of the sale) when it was $3 per bag (and I mean grocery bag) of books.  I ended up purchasing 8 books:

The House Divides by Paul Wellman (more “Project: Civil War” fodder)

Reconstruction: The Ending of the Civil War by Avery Craven (ditto)

Sartoris by William Faulkner

The House on the Strand by Daphne DuMaurier

3 Short Novels (single volume) by Dostoyevsky (Notes from the Underground, Poor People, The Friend of the Family)

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations by John Bartlett  (I’ve always wanted a copy of this)

3 Plays (single volume) by Eugene O’Neill (Desire Under the Elms, Strange Interlude, Mourning Becomes Electra)

and Finally “Short Story Masterpieces” edited by Robert Penn Warren & Albert Erskine with about 30 classic short stories (yum yum)

Anyone read any of these? Recommendations on what to hit first?

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