March Reading

What am I going to read the rest of the month? Well, I’ll certainly finish up Under the Dome (another long novel at 823 pages), but what else?  The “Shared Pages” book club at Bookmama’s bookstore is reading Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, which I would need to purchase and read by next Tuesday (3/16).  I also would like to return to the “temporarily abandoned” Guy Mannering of Sir Walter Scott.  I need to just knuckle down and finish that one up, no matter how hard I find the going.  What else?  Maybe revisit The Red Badge of Courage as part of Project: Civil War.  That’s another short one, and frankly I deserved a short one after Gone With the WindMacBeth is on my list as well.  I downloaded a free copy from Google Books to my nook earlier last week.  I’ll happily entertain suggestions from anyone who happens to be reading this…

Other goals for March:

1) Post more often to this blog

2) Add a couple more ‘bells & whistles’ to this blog

3) Comment more on other blogs that I have been enjoying reading

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