Indianapolis Star Sunday Edition “What Hoosiers are Reading”

Not surprisingly, I always make an effort to check out this section of our sunday paper, which usually includes a few reviews of new releases, and the top ten bestseller lists in fiction and non-fiction.  They also have a feature where a reader writes them telling who they are and what they are currently reading, with a couple paragraphs on why they like it, etc.  I’ve often noted that those readers featured are almost always listed as “retired” under profession, and have thought about writing in myself to break the monotony.  This past sunday, however, the featured hoosier reader was nine year old fourth grader who has the goal to read all 89 John Newbery Medal winners.  Very ambitious for one so young.

She also has her own blog chronicling her efforts, which I would like to take a moment to applaud.  Nice going Laura!


  1. Chris and Mary Beth said,

    February 20, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    I think this is our first time even reading a blog, let alone responding to one. It looks pretty fancy to us, and we’re impressed with how dedicated you are making entries. The only Civil War books we’ve read are “The Red Badge of Courage” and “The Killer Angels”. I’m surprised that no one recommended “TRBOC” to you, as that’s probably what I think of first when someone mentions Civil War books. It is fiction, though, and you mentioned you didn’t want to focus on that. Although fictional, it seems like a good first-person account of what it was like on the front lines. “TKA” was entertaining, too, though we don’t know how you feel about fictionalizing real people and events.
    Going back a few entries, there are several books we’ve read more than once, though we don’t re-read as often these days – try to focus on new material. We won’t bore you with a long list, but it includes “1984” and “Slaughterhouse Five” – both recommended, but don’t expect happy endings. Happy reading.


  2. stentorpub said,

    February 21, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Chris (the only person I know who has read War and Peace) and Mary Beth,

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I hope you stop by often to see what I’m up to and offer any reading selections.

    I actually have already read The Red Badge of Courage. I thought about reading it again as part of my Project: Civil War reading (it is pretty short, as I recall) but don’t know yet if I will or not. I actually just started reading Gone With the Wind yesterday, so I’m sure that will take up my time for quite awhile as it is of Tolstoyan length…

    My book club read Slaughterhouse Five in late 2008 (I think). I like it a lot and promptly also read Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle as well (which I think I liked more than Slaughterhouse Five). In another serious gap in my cultural literacy, I have never read 1984, although I am generally familiar with the plot and theme. When I joined the “Shared Pages” book club discussion of Fahrenheit 451 last week at Bookmama’s bookstore in Irvington, we talked a bit about “dystopian” books in general and 1984 came up (as did Brave New World – also read by my original book club), and I’d consider those three (including Fahrenheit 451) as the “big three” triumvirate of Dystopian Classics…

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment. I’m going to try to keep this blog going through this year & then see how I’m doing, and if I have many people actually reading it, before deciding to push forward. I am enjoying it thus far.



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