Progress Update

Read some over the weekend (when not watching the NFL playoffs); also read another chapter of the Enron book at the coffee shop this morning.  I’m past the halfway point in that (235/424 pages) now, as well as in the Waverly book.  Hope to finish them both by the end of the week.

Three day weekend coming up & would like to delve into Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 

Still no purchase of the Rex Stout book, but maybe on my lunch hour one day this week.

Would like to review a synopsis of Tess of the d’Urbervilles to see if I think I could join the discussion at Bookmama’s later this month.  Wonder where my ‘marked up’ copy is at home???  (All I remember now – from reading it about 15-17 years ago – is that it ends at Stonehenge and that Tess works as a Milk-Maid? – I may be confusing this with another Thomas Hardy novel…)

All for now; work awaits and lunch hour is ending

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